Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine for my hubby

This card has lots of love & time put into it. I found some really cute printed paper made by PC in my stash of paper. I used a thicker cardstock for the step card & for the envelope & slider card that went in it & layered those with the printed paper. At first I had the smaller envelope & slider card seperate but deciced to use that on top of the step card, so I used the same paper for the step card as I did for the slider card. The slider card & it's envelope was cut at 5" from the Sweethearts cart. I used some shear ribbon from Walmart to tie a bow around the step card. The "Happy Valentine's Day!" was a rub-on, & the cut outs "love" & the hearts were cut from Paper Pups (I forgot the size I was doing this all on my gypsy, I know the width was 2.5"). I adhered the envelope with the slider card to the step card with some thin glue dots. That didn't seem to be enough for me so I went through all my crafty stuff again & found some hearts. The red shiny hearts I put over some of the smaller hearts already on the printed paper & where the little hearts are there was a little white dot so I used my zig 2 way glue pen & glued the little hearts to cover the dots & give it a little more shine under the light. I had to wait for the pups to go to sleep & let me play with their feet (I know I'm weird), I took my cats eye cranberry pigment ink & stamped their little paws & quickly pressed unto the white/heart paper that is the slider that goes into the envelope. Sadie woke up & was trying to pull her lil foot back (don't blame her) so her print came out a lil smeared, Romeo's came out pretty good. As soon as I got their print on the card I quickly washed off their paws with a warm cloth all ready to go. Poor things were confused as to what in the world I was doing. I think that is about it....hope you enjoy & hope you had a wonderful Valentine Day!

(My hubby absolutely loved the card & was loved the little prints from our pups...they had to sign the card too)


Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Wow! I just LOVE how this turned out! Truly creative!

My Creative Time said...


lisa said...

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE... the instructions to your very lovable step card. PLEASE??? TIA!

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