Friday, March 5, 2010

Project in progress...

Well my laptop, router & I have been at it all day...sigh! I won...for the meantime anyway! I've never done a wordbook before but have seen them & thought they were really cute & my stepmoms bday is coming up (on the 9th!) so I decided that I was going to make one for her. I started this today & it really isn't that hard, some people told me it was really hard but I sat with my gypsy & got my layout done. I picked up some chipboard from my local crafty store & went to work. I am posting several pics of what it looks like closed & open. This is sooo not complete this is just the first step, tomorrow (or maybe later tonight) I'm going to start adding pictures, emblishments, ribbons & all that other good stuff. One thing that some people said they were having problems with was getting the back side of the chipboard covered correctly when they were cutting it with their cricut. I just turned the side of the paper that I wanted to have showing on the book over so I was looking at the back (white) side of the paper. (Better explaination...the back of the first "M" the patterned paper I wanted to use I put that on the sticky part of the mat so when it was done cutting I just flipped it over & it was a mirrored image...that make sense?) If you have any questions about how I did this I'd be more than happy to share & also if you have any suggestions PLEASE feel free to comment. I'm new to making these & I don't have a Bind It All so I am just planning on using some leather type material to tie it all together. Thanks for stopping by =)

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